Disabled Kitten With Twisted Legs Finds Family and Her Forever Home

Lady purrl and cinder the dog

Meet Lady Purrl! A Fluffy 9-week-old kitten with twisted legs that has never gave up on life.

Shannon Basner

Not long ago, A tiny gray-and-whiten kitten rescued together with the rest of her litter. The rescuers, however, realized she had twisted legs. The team who found Lady Purrl reached out to Mojo’s Hope and Alaska’s KAAATs as they have a program for animals with special needs.

Shannon Basner, founder of Alaska’s KAAATs scheduled an appointment with a vet so they could evaluate the kitten’s condition. They have to know if the little kitty was in any pain and if she had a chance of leading a good life.

Shannon Basner

“Thankfully, the vet was receptive to learning about our mission and the work we do,” explained Shannon. “In Lady Purrl’s case, her quality of life was much brighter than they thought. This little nugget of adorable fluffiness has tons of spunk, charisma, personality and perseverance.”

Shannon Basner

“Lady Purrl won everyone’s hearts at the vet clinic, with her feisty, resilient, affectionate nature.” Her x-rays revealed that an old spinal injury is likely the cause of her twisted legs.

Her disability is not something that can be treated, but that doesn’t stop her from growing and living a happy life, too. Nor did her other health issues.

Shannon Basner

When she was transferred into her new home (KAAATs) she settled right into her kitten-proof pen and had a teddy bear as a sleeping companion.

Shannon began to slowly introduce her to their crew of resident animals, including HarPURR the cat and Cinder the dog.

Shannon Basner

Purrl became friends with Cinder right from the moment they met. “Cinder is my own dog who has been an amazing mentor to numerous rescues over the years. She is the most fantastic, nurturing sweetheart who absolutely adores her cats! Cinder helped HarPURR when we rescued him and she immediately fell in love with Lady Purrl.”

Shannon Basner

Everyone was completely happy when the newest member of the family arrived. Cinder wagged her tail with excitement and had a big smile on her face while HarPurr was ecstatic to meet another kitten like him and took her under his wing.

Shannon Basner

Lady Purrl has a big personality, endless energy and quite the cattitude. She’s the cutest purring machine that you’ll see.

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