Friendly Cat Greets Cyclist In The Most Adorable Way

“I was cycling out this weekend to help marshal the Two Tunnel running race here in Bath. I stopped at the entrance to the Combe Down Tunnel, a mile-long tunnel and saw a cat come running out of the woods. She came over for a some tummy rubs then climbed up my arm and settled down on my backpack,” the cyclist said.

The cyclist believes that this friendly cat belongs to someone who lives nearby. “There are lots of houses nearby and she’s well fed. I’m up at the tunnels a lot so I’ll keep an eye out anyway. ”
Meet the most friendly kitty!

Courtesy of: Imgur

“She came over for some belly rubs…”
Courtesy of: Imgur

Courtesy of: Imgur

“…then climbed by arm…”
Courtesy of: Imgur


Courtesy of: Imgur

“….and settled on my backpack.”
Courtesy of: Imgur

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