Kind-hearted Couple Found A Weak Kitten Near The Dumpster And Gave Her A Second Chance at Life

Few weeks ago, a weak little kitten was found next to an empty bowl near a dumpster when an animal rescuer who cares for the island cats, heard her tiny meow.
Joan Bowell of God’s Little People Cat Rescue, a cat rescue and sanctuary on the Greek island of Syros, went to check on the stray cats that live around the neighborhood, and to take some photographs. That day, a tiny meow from the bushes captured Joan’s attention.
After getting out of her car, Joan instantly heard the tiny kitten. “The kitten appeared to be all alone — maybe discarded because she wasn’t perfect,” Joan shared with Love Meow. “She’s got a skin rash/sore on one of her back legs.”
Joan’s husband, Richard, scooped up the tiny kitten and put her in his arms before they headed back to the sanctuary. They named her Blue Belle for she has the bluest eyes.

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