Meet Marmalade, The Hugging Rescue Cat Saved From Death

This cat had a bad start in life, but is now in a loving home!
He was rescued by the Cats Protection League when he was only a year old. He was deemed to be a ‘feral’ cat, and fortunately thanks to the CPL ‘Feral cat’ scheme, he was adopted by a lady who owned a farm in Devon and wanted some yard cats to keep the mice population down. However once he was loose he ran away, and found himself on a neighbouring farm for the next 3 years, scavenging on any food he could find and living under some caravans in very poor condition.


I went to work on this farm in Summer and we sort of found each other at a time when we needed each other. It sounds really ‘cliche’ but literally the day before I had found someone out hacking who had taken their own life and being literally hundreds of miles away from home (when it was the first time I had lived away from home) it was a difficult time.


It was the next day when I first heard this cat meowing from underneath a caravan. He was extremely scared of people, and the other people there told me that I would never get near him. But we found each other at a time of need and now have an amazing bond! Day by day I built up his trust, but the owner of the property did not like cats and warned they would shoot him, unless I promised that when I left that place of work I would take him with me. Of course I did and he is now happily living with me forever!

Hopefully as you can see he is now one very happy cat!

Via: JGeventing

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