Homeless Kitten Meets Husky Dog For The First Time

This video is of Lilo and Misty’s first night together. It was so wonderful they got along from the start😊 Misty was originally found on the street at about 2 weeks old. Since she was so small, hand rearing her was going to be a huge job… We were able to rent a trap from our local shelter and managed to catch the mother cat. We housed them for a month or so until Misty was strong enough to be on her own. Then we got the mom cat fixed and released her!
(Story by: Lilothehusky)


She is doing well to this day😊 Misty had her own misfortunes, including malnutrition, fleas, worms, and almost losing both eyes to infection. She pulled through and is now 16 weeks old!! She has grown into a very spunky personality and isn’t afraid to take on anything bigger than her. Another fact about her is that she is a polydactyl! She actually has 5 toes on each foot, instead of the normal 4. This makes it look like she has thumbs! 🐾👍 We only intended to foster her until she was ready for a new home… But now it looks like we can’t give her up!😁 You were home all along Misty

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