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Sweet Calico Kitten Born With A Large Lump On Its Head Gets An Unexpected Diagnosis

Yookjjok, a tiny kitten, was born with a small lump on her head. However, she was a happy and healthy kitten that grew under the care and love of her family. When she was a little older, her lump started to grow and put pressure on her eye, which caused her family to take her to the vet. The vet discovered that Yookjjok had a condition called cerebral porosis, which is a hole in the brain filled with water that causes pressure. The pressure pushes the brain out, leading to a misshapen cerebellum in Yookjjok’s case.

Fortunately, Yookjjok had no symptoms except for the eye issue, which was due to the open cranium. Closing the cranium might lead to brain pressure, which could cause Yookjjok to lose balance or have seizures. Yookjjok’s vets were unsure of what to do because Yookjjok’s condition was very rare in animals

Sweet Calico Kitten Born With A Large Lump On Its Head Gets An Unexpected Diagnosis

The vet suggested that Yookjjok’s family think about what is best for her, as the kitten was only three months old and had a long life ahead of her. Yookjjok’s family decided to leave the lump as it was, and the kitten continued to live happily. Despite the lump, Yookjjok blossomed like a flower and brought joy to her family’s life.

Yookjjok’s story is a testament to the power of love and care in helping animals live fulfilling lives, no matter what challenges they face. The kitten’s family’s decision shows the importance of making decisions that are in the best interest of an animal, even if it means not intervening in a potentially risky operation.

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