Sweet Cat Misses Human So Much He Is Determined To Steal His Shoes

Having pets around us especially if you are a pet lover, can surely brighten up your mood after a long day no matter what kind of domesticated pet it is. Although felines tend to look cold and just cool when you are leaving, they are sensitive and intelligent creatures who would not have a second that you are not around. The fact that sometimes our days could get boring, a cute, loving, sweet cat is really a great companion to be with.
If you think that cats do not miss you, watch this video and you will know that cats can stand time alone, but will definitely miss you when you are gone. Ever wondered why some of our pets tend to sneak our used personal belongings? Knowing that cats have a great sensitive sense of smell, aside from the cat food you are giving to them, your smell is their favorite scent. Not your favorite perfume, but just your humanly scent. YES THEY LOVE THEM. THE AUTHENTIC YOU! How could they love and accept us unconditionally?

A great example is Timmy. A cute, fluffy and affection-giving cat who shows that cats do misses their owner when they are gone and still misses you when you get to be home. Want to know how? watch the video and see how adorable this cat could get!

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