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    Overly Attached Kitty Won’t Let His Human Use The Computer

    This hilarious scene maybe familiar to you, Watch as this overly attached kitty demands some attention to his human in the most adorable way! 🙂 By the looks of it this adorable kitty would not simply give up until his human give what he wants… and that is is attention.  Such a cute little fur-ball! Share […] More

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    Meet Jasper, The Overly Attached Cat.

    Meet Jasper, The overly attached Cat who can’t let the day pass without kissing and hugging his human.  Jasper was abandoned by his mother and left him in the streets. Luckily, A Kind stranger took and save him. Now, Jasper lives happily with his human dad. As you can see, his hobbies are  kissing and […] More