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    Cute Kitten Absolutely Loves To Play In The Snow

    Now this is something you don’t see everyday. How many cats out there actually enjoy playing in the snow? Coyote the kitten does! According to user ‘courtneyamoulton’, Coyote was born in their barn to a feral cat in May of 2013. His owners decided to keep him instead of taking him to the shelter. He […] More

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    Kitten Destroys Toilet Paper Roll, Makes Gigantic Mess!

    Nothing can brighten our days like kittens do. Especially the really playful ones. So if you’re looking for something to turn a bad day around, we have just the adorable, playful little black cat for you! “What is it with cats and their obsession with toilet paper? Whatever the reason we’re glad it exists because […] More

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    Determined Tuxedo Cat Loves To Pop Bubbles

    Aside from boxes and paper bags, Here’s another simple, cheap but very effective way to entertain your bored fur-babies. Watch Socks the Cat as he goes into action and shows off his finest bubble popping skills! Do you own a cat who possesses any exceptional talents? Let us know! WANT MORE CAT STORIES & VIDEOS? […] More