This Lady Rescued This Terrified Cat & Proved That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Heroes aren’t the Avengers or Justice League we see in comic books. Heroes are real. Heroes are living among us. Not all heroes wear capes. Here’s a short but wonderful story of how this kind woman rescued and gave a terrified cat a second chance in life.

terrified kitty1
Three days ago me and my mom were on our way to pick up my brother when we spotted something on the road. At a second glance, I could tell it was feline so I jumped out of the car as my mom slammed on the brakes, and rushed up to rescue the poor thing. This turned out to be harder than expected, as the kitten, who I thought would let me quickly scoop it out of harms way, ran away from me and into traffic. At this point I noticed that we had stopped in a fairly busy intersection at rush hour. A few cars had stopped to see what was going on, but a bunch were still speeding past, which made this a scary environment for me and, I suspect, the kitty.
I began chasing after her up the road, and as she ran under cars I kept picturing her getting hit and me not being able to save her. It was a terrifying couple of minutes as I chased her from car to car, trying to scare her towards a kind man who had gotten out of his car to help. After between 5 and 10 minutes of stressful pursuit had passed with the traffic in the intersection at a standstill, the kitten jumped onto the wheel of a truck and my mom, who had apparently left our car behind, grabbed her before she could get away, and passed her to me.
The poor terrified thing bit and scratched me the entire run back to the car, making it almost impossible to hold onto her. Frantic, I threw myself and the cat into the car and wrapped the spazzing kitten in the only thing that was available: my penguin footy pajamas. At this point I was bleeding pretty bad, holding a traumatized month-old cat wrapped in footy pajamas, and we continued on our way to pick up my little brother.


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terrified cat 2
After getting my brother (who wan’t in the least affected by the presence of the kitten and promptly asked if we could get slushies), we visited a vet’s office and two animal shelters that rejected the kitty for lack of space, and ended up taking her home with us.
After leaving her in the bathroom with some water for a few hours, she calmed down immensely. I spent all night in there with her, and by the end of the night, the trembling, frantic kitten we found on the road transformed into the perfect feline. She slowly allowed me to pet her, and by the end of the night she was asleep on my lap, curled up in a little ball and purring like a little motorboat. everything was so happy!
Here comes the best part: she doesn’t even die at the end of this story! Through facebook we came in contact with this couple who had recently lost their cat of 21 years. The next day we met up and they adopted the kitten! I am now on antibiotics for the cat bites, but it was so worth it. Although my stomach hurts thinking of my first sight of her, terrified, painting, and defeated in the middle of the road, it makes my heart smile to think that what started out as a horrible situation for this kitty ended up with her finding a lifelong home.


terrified kitty 3
She has this really cool split between ginger and black going down her whole body, which is about as big as a beany baby.
tl;dr rescued a cat from the middle of a busy road, ended up getting adopted the next day




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