Abandoned Grey Kitten Found Behind Tool Shed Gets a New Sister for Life

This kitten was all alone when a kind-hearted man found him behind a tool shed. Without thinking twice, the good samaritan took the tiny kitten inside his house and  introduced it to another kitten.

abandoned kitten
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS

“My husband (Jack) was behind a tool shed at an apartment when something caught his eye… Teddy. He was about a month old and weighted just under a pound. He was all alone,” Kathy Lyons told Love Meow.

“He was curled up in a little ball with his eyes squeezed shut. Jack thought he was hurt because he saw what ended up being his one white foot. It’s a miracle he even saw him behind a ladder leaning against the shed.”

The Couple immediately took the tiny kitten to the vet. “Apparently he had fallen out of the ravine and landed behind the shed.”

After realizing he’s been adopted. Teddy the kitten gave his human the sweetest kitty cuddle.

teddy the kitten
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS

Two weeks before they rescued Teddy, The couple adopted Olive the cat. and it didn’t took long for both Teddy and Olive to accept each other.

“Olive’s motherly instinct was awesome for being a baby herself,” Kathy said. “She smelled him and started cleaning his face right away. She didn’t mind him following her around 24/7. They slept together the very first night.”

teddy and olive the cat
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS
“We tried to bottle feed Teddy for a couple days but he followed Olive around and picked up eating very quickly.”

980x (4)
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS

“They love each other. I can’t imagine one without the other now!”

980x (5)
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS
You can see in their eyes how happy and satisfied they are.

980x (6)
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS
After a few months, This is how they look and they’re still inseparable.

980x (7)
Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS
(H/T: Lovemeow)

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