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    FAST & FURRYEST – Official Trailer

    These two adorable cats never fail to brighten my day! Watch as Cole and Marmalade act as The Rock and Vin Diesel in their hilarious parody of the movie called “The fast and the furious”. Their owner shares, “The Fate of the Furious, The Rock and Vin Diesel have nothing on Cole & Marmalade when […] More

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    Emaciated Kittens Covered in Maggots Found Dumped in a Box

    When these three poor 4-week-old kittens were found inside a box by a passerby, the little kittens were in a bad shape, extremely dehydrated, and covered in maggots. The tiny emaciated kittens were found alongside a six-month-old kitten, believed to be a sibling, on the corner of the road in Wembley, North London. They were […] More

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    Cat Has Bizarre Reaction to Owner’s Sneezes

    It doesn’t matter if you’re having the best day possible or the worst day in the world, this adorable cat is guaranteed to make it even better. “It appears that Archie the cat has very strong feelings about sneezing. Check out his hilarious reaction everytime his owner sneezes!” [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your […] More

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    Three Cute Tiny Foster Kittens Cuddle with Golden Retriever

    This very patient and gentle four-year-old English Golden Retriever not only accepted these three adorable foster kittens but he also allows them to sit on his back and even attempt to suckle milk while he relaxes on his dog bed. How cute! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Affectionate Kitten Falls Asleep In Dog’s Fur

    Here’s an amazing animal friendship that will surely brighten up your day. Watch the precious moment between a very patient 4-year-old Golden Retriever and a sweet little kitten. This Golden Retriever allows a tiny and cute foster kitten to take a nap in his warm and cozy stomach fur. He seems confused but rolls with […] More

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    Meet Scout, The Paralyzed Kitty Who Didn’t Give Up on Life

    Scout was found at 6 weeks old with his siblings and feral mother cat in South Florida living in an alley way. Angelico Cat and Dog Rescue took them in, and medical tests were done for Scout. Doctors believe that he was born paralyzed, but it’s amazing how he interacts without letting his disability get […] More

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    Curious Kitty Mesmerized by Optical Illusion

    It turns out, humans are not the only one who get mesmerized by optical illusions. Take a look at this adorable gray kitty, for example. Watch him closely as he inspects this piece of paper. This cat obviously can’t get enough of it and he’s pretty serious about learning how it works. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share […] More

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