Feral Cat Lived In Fear Until A Group Of Good Samaritans Rescued Her.

No one would think that this adorable cross-eyed cat was once an outcast in her feral colony. Before a group of good samaritans rescued her, This adorable white cat named Bubbles lived her early life in fear and hunger.

Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place
According to Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey “The tiny cat was the outcast of a feral cat colony. The other cats took to pummeling our little girl, preventing her from eating,”

Because of her weak tiny body, Bubbles the cat cannot protect herself from other feral cats. Fortunately, Bubbles the cat was rescued by a group of kind-hearted people with the help of Tabby’s Place TNR program. “We quickly discovered that Bubbles was indeed very skinny, and she’s also quite cross-eyed.”

Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place
Bubbles was terrified and extremely shy when she arrived at the sanctuary. But after several days of patience, determination, and love, Bubbles the cat shows some positive signs and started to trust the people around her.

Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place

After Bubbles felt the sincerity and kindness of her rescuers, Bubbles started to befriend other cats at the sanctuary. In fact, she can’t stop loving and grooming her new friends.
Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place
Bubbles transformation is truly amazing! From terrified, skinny feral to a loving and friendly kitty.
Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place
Thanks to the kind-hearted people at Tabby’s Place, Bubbles the cat won’t live in fears anymore. She is now enjoying her new life with her new family and furiends.
Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place

“She may have crossed eyes, but Bubbles sees clearly now: life is beautiful.”
Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place
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