Majestic 7-year-old Cat Meets A Cute Tiny Kitten, Now They’re Inseparable

Oftentimes, it’s quite difficult for a cat owner to introduce a new kitten to a house cat. It takes a lot of time and effort for them to accept each other, Cats tend to fight a lot with other cats. It’s a territory thing, But this story is quite the opposite. Meet Smokey, a 7-year-old majestic cat who really looks terrifying. The owners of Smokey weren’t sure of how he will react when he meets the newly adopted kitten.

“This is Smokey. He is 7 years old, weighs close to 20lbs and can sometimes look absolutely terrifying.”

“…got a female kitten, named Stacy a few months ago,[… ]not sure how things would go. Luckily our concern was not needed.”

“They are now inseparable and even though he is not the father, […] basically call him Cat Dad.”

“Wherever she goes, he follows…”

“Due to being taken away from her mother too early (not because of us, the people we got her from lied about age), she has taken to sucking on his fur. You can see how much this bothers him…10/10, couldn’t ask for a better cat.”

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