Man Buys His Daughter’s Cat A Mini Hammock So They Can Relax Together

Meet Paçoca, the cat from Brazil who loves taking a nap more than anyone else in the world.

Ana Beatriz Pinho

Pacoca’s owner, Ana Beatriz Pinho, has a dad who also loves to chill, and for that, he has a special hammock in the balcony. But her dad recently took the whole lazy lounging experience to the next level when he bought their cat her own mini hammock.

Ana Beatriz Pinho

“My God,” the daughter wrote on Twitter when she saw it. “My father bought a hammock for Paçoca just so she could lie by his side.”

Ana Beatriz Pinho

Pacoca immediately approves it, and the hammock has become her favorite spot to lounge and waste her precious time.

Ana Beatriz Pinho

Ana’s photos of her dad and cat have been shared around the internet tens of thousands of times, likely inspiring other pet owners to surprise their own cats with little hammocks of their own.

(h/t: thedodo)

Written by Admin_Meow

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